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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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3 Important Steps To Follow Before You Schedule A Deck Restoration

If your deck has recently been negatively impacted by hail or other weather abnormalities, it is crucial to understand pertinent information about your deck restoration. For example, while you might first notice the pitting or holes in the wood, there are other, equally important areas of the deck that can be dangerous to use if underlying damage exists. Therefore, when you are speaking with a restoration expert about your deck, it will be helpful to ask about the following aspects of the project. 

#1-Spray down The Deck With A Pressure Washer And Allow It To Dry Entirely

Even if you know that the wood is falling apart or you have already spotted an area of rotted flashing, it is best to only allow the area to be inspected when it is as clean as possible and totally dry. While using a pressure washer to wash off your favorite deck cleaning fluid, it is a better idea to make several sweeps of each piece of wood as opposed to spending several seconds or more on the same piece. While a pressure washer is the a great way to get rid of hidden or ground-in dirt, it could also further damage your deck and its components if its flow is directed at one area for too long.   

#2-Examine The Posts And Stair Stringers

A good rule of thumb is that when checking out your deck to look for damage, it will be very helpful to closely look at any of its components that touch the ground. Examples include the posts, stair stringers, and any joists that reach to ground level. One way to assess structural damage is to press into a suspect area with a tool. Specifically, a stair stringer or post that allows a screwdriver to sink into its tip probably has at least some rot and immediate repairs are a good idea.   

#3-Examine The Connections Between Your Deck And House

Finally, you will want to look at each area that connects your deck and home. At that time, you will be hoping not to see loose or rusty screws and bolts. In addition, this is an opportunity to verify the good condition of the flashing. Flashing protects the area against water and rust damage by redirecting any water towards the ground, in lieu of finding a home in a nearby crevice.

Trapped water under the deck can contribute to a faster decay, mildew, and mold. Therefore, you will be hoping for an intact and consistent appearance. If it is soft or seems to have lost its waterproof attribute, your deck restoration expert is likely to need to replace it as part of the project.         

In conclusion, your deck is likely to experience some damage as the result severe weather. Therefore, when evaluating the extent of the damage, it will be helpful to consider the less obvious but very important pieces of your deck when discussing the situation with a deck restoration expert.