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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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4 Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Clean In The Winter

The winter season can take a heavy toll on your carpet for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because of the wet environment outside. When you come inside from being out in the rain or snow, you are tracking in a great deal of mud and dirt on your shoes and clothing. Another reason is because of the larger number of family gatherings that happen during this time of year because of the holidays. Here are four tips to help keep your carpets clean in the winter:

  1. Take Shoes Off: When you invite friends and family over, you may want to include in the invitation that you will be requesting that their shoes come off. If you have carpeting throughout your home, this is the best way to ensure that mud is not tracked through your home. This way, family and friends can prepare by bringing along cozy socks to wear while visiting. You should also be taking your shoes off every time you come home, even if you will be leaving soon after. Put together a nice shoe rack in the front of the house so that family and friends get the picture even if you didn't warn them before inviting them over. 
  2. Buy Some Area Rugs: If you didn't have any area rugs before, now is the perfect time to invest in some. Putting a large area rug in the living room where most people will be gathering is the best way to avoid high traffic wear and tear on the carpeting. You should consider putting a large area rug underneath the dining room, as well to prevent stains on your actual carpet from food and drinks that will be served here. 
  3. Hire Professionals After Holidays are Over: Most likely, after having family and friends over, there are some spills that may have occurred that you didn't catch early enough to prevent setting into the carpet. There are probably some stains near the entrance of your home as well from people coming in and out. When the holidays are over, it's best to hire professional carpet cleaning services like KC Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners who can come in and remove these stains immediately before they become even worse. 
  4. Wipe Your Dog's Paws: If you have a dog, this can become a problem for your carpets, especially in the winter. Your dog will have to use the bathroom outdoors where there paws are easily going to become wet and muddy. It's important that you are able to clean the bottom of their paws before they come back inside. Consider setting up a small gate near the back entrance so you can have time wiping your dog's paws before they come running back inside. 

When you follow these four tips, you can be sure that you keep your carpets as clean as possible during the wet winter season.