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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Germs Be Gone: Tips For A Cleaner Office

If you run a small office, then you want to be sure that the office runs smoothly. Keeping it clean is important. It gives the employees a safer and more comfortable place to work and cuts down on the amount of absences from sick employees when an illness is going around the workplace. While having a commercial cleaning company clean your office regularly is important so you know everything is being sanitized correctly, there are also other things that should be done on a daily basis to help keep the environment consistently clean. Follow the tips here for a cleaner office space:

Cover cleanliness in company meetings

When you hold a meeting, touch on cleanliness and inform your employees of the measures you have taken to keep the office cleaner, and what you expect of them. Each person should be responsible for keeping their own work areas clean, but the entire staff should continuously put forth effort into keeping shared areas clean as well.

Place cleaning wipes near shared office equipment

Leaving a box of pre-moistened cleaning wipes next to shared office equipment can help to cut down on the amount of germs that are on the equipment and the table or other surface they are setting on. Each person should be quickly wiping down the area after they use it.

Clean the phones on a daily basis

When someone uses a phone, they will hold it tightly in their hands and breathe right into it. This can cause a lot of germs and bacteria to be left on the phones. If one person is sick, then they can spread their germs to others this way. For this reason, the phones should also be sanitized with the wipes at least once a day, but preferably more often.

Set hand sanitizer at all work stations

Each work station should have a hand sanitizer with a pump. Remind the employees often that they should be using this sanitizer throughout the day. This way, they won't be leaving dirt and germs on all the surfaces they come in contact with throughout their work shift, such as door knobs, desktops, keyboards, etc.

Have the office professionally cleaned regularly

Even after convincing employees to help keep the office clean and sanitary, you'll still want to have it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. They will use industrial strength cleaners and make sure no surfaces are overlooked. Plus, they will take care of the heavier cleaning, such as vacuuming, window cleaning and mopping. Contact a company like Crystal Clear Cleaning to learn more.