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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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How To Make Laundry Day More Manageable With A Big Family

Doing your laundry can seem like a simple task at first, but when doing the laundry of an entire family, the process can be time-consuming and frustrating. But there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process more manageable regardless of how many family members you're laundering clothes for. 

Use A Zipping Mesh Bag For Socks

Socks can be very difficult to organize and separate, especially when performing the laundry of several family members. To solve this problem, place each set of socks in a zipping mesh bag. That way, the laundry detergent and hot water can clean the socks, but the socks will remain separated. Mark each bag with the name of the child associated with it. Check the bag regularly to make sure that there are no frays that could cause the bag to tear open.

Limit The Number Of Outfits A Day

Have rules regarding how many clothes your children can wear a day. Allow for only one outfit. If you make your children help with the laundry, they may be less willing to change their close frequently because they will have more work to do.

Reduce how much clothing you own so that you do not have to spend as much time washing your clothes. Then, you will wash your clothing in smaller batches and the process will not seem as overwhelming. Also, washing smaller loads tends to be easier because you will not be overloaded with the amount of work that you must do.

Purchase A Good Quality Sorter

Purchase a good-quality sorter. There are many cheaper sorters that are made from plastic and will bend easily if you are not careful. Purchase a high-quality sorter that will allow you to keep different types of laundry separate so that it will be easier to organize the laundry and put it back where it belongs.

Break Up Your Laundry Into Segments

If you are having a difficult time completing all of your laundry all at once, break the process of doing your laundry up into segments that can be performed one-at-a-time. Pick a time to do your laundry while you are performing some other activity that does not require a lot of attention, such as watching television.

Keep Your Laundry Room Stocked

Stock your laundry room with as many items as possible. If you run out of the items that are necessary to do your laundry, you will have to stop what you are doing and take a trip to the store.

If you still have a difficult time finding time to do your laundry, another option is to hire a home cleaning service that offers laundry services. Then, you can focus on other things that matter in life.