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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Having Trouble Keeping Your Living Room Carpet Clean? 4 Things To Do After Professional Cleaning

Carpet is the perfect type of flooring for families and cold climates as it reduces the impact of falls and it helps to keep everyone's feet warm when it is cold inside the home. However, it is not always that easy to keep clean, especially in the living room, which is the most used room in the majority of households. Getting a professional cleaning is an excellent way to eliminate any stains that it may have endured, but you will also want to pay close attention to how you take care of the carpet afterwards.

Create a Station for Taking Off Shoes

For close family and friends, you might not even need to request that they take their shoes off as they will do it already. But, you may not want to make this request to professionals, coworkers, or distant family, so an effective alternative is to create a shoe station for people to remove their shoes. When you present such a feature in an attractive, organized, and clearly noticeable way, they may pick up the cue.

Providing enough room for shoes ranging from tall boots to sandals is imperative. A coat and purse hanger is a plus as it will entice people to look over in that direction, in which they will find the shoe station. This effort should lead to guests taking off their shoes more often and keeping the living room carpet clean.

Ban Eating in the Living Room

Within your family, you should ban all eating in the living room. Even a basic snack such a popcorn with butter can leave stains on the carpet when the butter or oil on the popcorn makes contact with the floor. It is best to provide your family with a dedicated and organized area where they can eat at all times. It should not just be about setting rules, but making them easy to follow within your household.

Only Allow Clear Drinks

It is understandable to allow drinks into the living room, but you should limit what is permitted. Clear drinks such as water and some sodas are the only drinks that you can trust completely. If you want to further protect the carpet, you should get sealable bottles and mugs to minimize the chance of spilling.

Keep a Stain Cleaning Kit Nearby

Cleaning up spills as soon as they occur is the best way to get rid of them. But, you also need to use the right concoctions, which you can make in your own home with some basic ingredients. Some examples include a vinegar solution of equal parts water and white vinegar, as well as an ammonia solution with a single tablespoon of ammonia mixed in with half a cup of water at lukewarm temperature. Keeping a stain cleaning kit in an easily visible area will make it simple for even guests to clean up spills right away.

Following these tips after carpet cleaning services come through will keep you from needing another cleaning prematurely.