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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Your Brick Or Stone Building Looking A Little Worse For The Wear? How Stone Resurfacing And Cleaning Can Help

Over time, brick and stone buildings get rougher and dirtier-looking on the outside. While rain and snow can help wash off some of the grime, they do not stop the effects of daily pollution and acid rain from altering the surfaces of your building. However, professional cleaning and stone resurfacing services can help. Here is what these services can do to restore the appearance of your building.

Powerwashing Away Years of Grime

The difference between powerwashing your building yourself and a company like Marble Tec Systems doing the job is that the service uses special washers that give the building a deep down clean but do not cause the materials to crumble under the pressure. Special cleansers added to the water help the washer wand clean more effectively with less pressure. Even stucco, which can get dirt and soil stuck in many tiny areas, looks newer and cleaner.

Powerblasting to Resurface Rough Areas

To smooth out all of the rough spots, these cleaning and resurfacing companies use powerblasters. The machines use sand, air or a combination of the two to gently grind away the rough patches. It is similar to the natural erosion processes in the desert, only in this instance the machine targets areas to smooth rather than randomly blowing the sand all over the building's surface.

Applying a New Layer of Concrete, Stucco or Grout

If the brick or stone walls of your building are wearing a little thin, you might want to have the resurfacing technician add a thin layer of concrete or stucco to the surface after it has been cleaned and powerblasted. Additionally, if your building is brick, cinder block or industrial brick and the grout is looking quite crumbly, then the resurfacing technician may be able to use a filler to help contain the current grout and bond it back together again. These are just patch jobs, however, and any serious masonry work to fill large cracks or heavily damaged walls should be done by a masonry contractor.

Applying a Protective Coating

A protective layer can be added after the building has been cleaned and/or resurfaced. This protective layer will help prevent future breakdown of the surface by environmental agents/causes. It can also make future cleanings easier by deterring the collection of dirt, dust and any smog that settles on your building's surface. If your building has any decorative features, such as statues or gargoyles, the coating should be applied to these as well.