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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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3 Handy Items For Removing Your Pet's Messes From The Carpet

Nothing could be worse than having to deal with the mess left behind by a pet. And when that mess happens to be on your carpet, things go from bad to worse. Luckily, thoroughly removing such accidents isn't as hard as you may think. Here are three items that will make removing pet messes from your carpet a virtual breeze.

Carpet Extractor

When it comes to liquid messes, most people reach automatically for a roll of paper towels. Yet blotting is only so efficient; it tends to leave a lot of liquid behind in the carpet. Worse still, it can force the liquid deeper down into the pile--and even into the subflooring--making it much harder to treat lingering odors.

Shop vacs do a better job of removing liquids safely. Yet shop vacs are notoriously difficult to clean--especially when dealing with the less than savory smells left behind by your pet. Even once you've cleaned out the body of the vacuum, the smell has a tendency to linger inside of the filter.

By far the best way to remove liquid pet messes is with a carpet extractor. These incredible devices utilize detergent, hot water, and a scrub brush to thoroughly remove all traces of the stain from your carpet. Larger extractors--known more commonly as carpet shampooers--can be rented at many home improvement stores. Yet pet owners should strongly consider investing in a smaller, handheld unit. Chances are it'll come in handy again down the line!

Putty Knife

Solid messes present a whole other challenge. Yet, just as with liquids, most people respond by once more reaching for the paper towels. This method can end up forcing the mess deeper into the carpet. A much more reliable solution is to use a common putty knife to help get the waste into a dustpan. Simply press the putty knife's leading edge into the carpet on the border of the mess, then gently shovel it forward into the dustpan. This will minimize the amount of waste left behind.

Bio-enzymatic Cleaner

Cleaning up residual stains can be a real pain--especially stinky ones. Vinegar and baking soda solutions may work in the short term, but they don't usually eliminate the cause of the odor. Likewise, commercial cleaning products--even those specifically designed to remove pet odors--often lead to recurring odors down the line. That's because such cleaners usually consist of a detergent and a perfume; they're simply not designed to neutralize the cause of the stink.

Consider investing in a product that contains bio-enzymes. These enzymes work to break down the chemical and organic substances that lead to unwanted odors. That means you won't have to worry about the smell coming back down the line.
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