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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Getting Kids In The Habit Of Keeping Carpets Clean

If you have a house full of kids, keeping carpets clean might feel like a losing battle. If you have recently gotten your carpets cleaned or replaced, it might be time to institute a few strategic house rules. Here are four things you can do as a parent to get your kids to get in the habit of keeping carpets clean in your home.

1. Shoes-Off Policy

If you can get everyone in your family on board with a shoes-off policy in the house, dirt will stop at the door. You can get kids in the habit of taking shoes off in the foyer if you can have some fun alternatives. Getting everyone fun slippers or flip flops can make indoor shoe alternatives worth the effort. It is important to sit everyone down and explain this new house rule and make sure everyone takes it seriously.

2. In Charge of Pet Clean Up

If you have a family dog with in and out privileges, they can be the worst culprit of tracking in mud and grime from the outdoors. If you can task your kids with this clean up when everyone comes in from playing or from a walk, this can become a second nature part of the fun. Have old rags or towel available to help with wipe downs and pawprint clean ups at entryways.

3. Keep Cleaning Products Handy

Empower your kids to do their own quick clean-ups if they are old enough to handle this. Walk them through what cleaners to use and how to clean up spills. This will help kids avoid using the wrong cleaners and damaging carpets. Depending on the ages of your kids, keep carpet cleaning products where they can easily grab them to clean. Remind your kids to always come to you if a spill is too big to deal with on their own.

4. Stay Strong With House Rules

If your kids can't seem to follow rules when it comes to keeping carpet clean, it is important to stand your ground. While getting in trouble is always a drag, not being involved in rewards for good behavior can be more effective. You might find that all of your kids aren't on board with new house rules. Be sure to celebrate kids that do help keep carpets clean by offering prizes and treats. This will motivate others to follow suit.

Keeping your carpets clean with kids around might seem impossible, but there are a few things you can do to help foster a cleaner environment with daily habits. If you can get your kids in the habit of minding their actions around carpeting on a daily basis, they will become second nature. If you need to hire a carpet cleaning company, try A Clean Slate.