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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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How To Treat Red Wine Stains On A Fabric Sofa

If you notice a red wine stain on your fabric couch, your first thought may be to have it reupholstered or cleaned professionally. Luckily, red wine stains can be removed by a DIY person. However, you have to act fast, or they will set in the fabric. Here are some tips to remove red wine stains from a fabric sofa.

Launder Slip Covers

For this project, you need:

  • paper towels
  • clean towel
  • soft brush
  • sponge
  • boiling water (optional)
  • detergent
  • talcum powder
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • white wine
  • shaving foam

If the stain is on removable slip covers, just toss them in the laundry with a capful of detergent. Throw them in the dryer, or hang them out to dry.

If you don't have a washing machine, boil a pan of water. Fold the fabric covers over another pan in the sink. Hold the pan three or four feet over the fabric covers, and pour the water over them. Don't use boiling water on silk or wool fabrics.

Clean Fresh Spills

For fresh spills on the arms or the back of the couch, blot them immediately with a paper towel. Avoid rubbing, or you will push the stain further into the fabric. If the stain has already died, apply a sponge dampened with warm water to the stain to help dilute it, and blot the area dry.

Sprinkle talcum powder on the stain, and let it sit for around five minutes. Remove the powder with the brush. Moisten a sponge in warm water, and blot the stain.

Treat Dried Stains

If powder does not remove the stain, or the stain has dried, proceed to use white wine and salt. White wine will get rid of the red hue left from the stain. Pour a small amount of white wine on the stain, and blot with a clean towel.

Add some salt on the stain, then let it stand for about fifteen minutes.The salt should help absorb more of the stain. Never allow the salt to stand more than fifteen minutes, or it could also stain. Brush off the salt.

Blend enough baking soda and water to make a paste. Use a spoon to spread a thick layer of the mixture on the stain, and let it stand for about an hour. Keep it misted with water until the stain has vanished, then blot dry.

It is possible to remove wine stains and make your couch looking new again without much expense. If you don't trust your skill, or the stain won't come out, contact a cleaning service.

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