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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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How A Commercial Cleaning Service Maintains Your Office Floors

A clean building reflects well on your business. It boosts employee morale and it gives your customers piece of mind that they are dealing with a company that cares enough to pay attention to details. Your building often makes the first impression on customers and if it is dusty and dirty, it may cause you to lose business and money. One of the hardest things to maintain in a busy office is the floor. That's where a commercial cleaning service is a big help. Here are some things they do to keep your floors in shape.

Clean The Carpet

If you have carpet in areas of your building, it probably gets a lot of wear and tear especially if it is in a high traffic area. Commercial carpet gets dirty and worn much faster than residential carpet because of all the people that walk on it every day and track in dirt and debris from outdoors. A commercial cleaning company will establish a schedule of cleaning your carpet so it always looks fresh. You may need to have the carpet cleaned as often as every month if it gets a lot of foot traffic. Between cleanings, the carpet needs to be deep vacuumed and spot cleaned. Keeping the carpet clean prolongs its life and helps maintain a uniform appearance in the color and texture of the fibers. Plus, a clean carpet looks better and smells fresher.

Maintain Stone, Vinyl, Or Wood

Stone floors give your building a sparkling clean appearance when they polished so they gleam in the light. You may want the cleaning service to buff and clean hard surface floors on a nightly basis. This can be done after hours or during slow times of the day so it doesn't disturb your customers or employees. Other hard surface floors such as vinyl tile or sheet vinyl aren't as shiny but they are much easier to keep clean. The problem with vinyl is that it can damage easily when it gets a lot of foot traffic. The cleaning company may need to monitor vinyl for damage and make repairs when needed. Wood floors need the most care of all. In addition to sweeping and dusting, they need to have the finish replaced regularly. This makes the floors shine and it protects them from grit and moisture. A high gloss finish helps hide dust too, so the floors always look clean.

Clean Tile Grout

Tile with grout is not the best choice for a commercial floor, but if that's what you have then you need the cleaning service to keep the grout lines clean so the floor doesn't look dirty. The service can use a steam vacuum machine and deep clean the grout lines. This pulls out dirt and debris that makes the lines look darker. This debris also wears down the grout over time if it isn't cleaned out, so regular vacuuming is important. In addition to cleaning the grout, a cleaning service can seal it to prolong its life or color it to cover up grout that is old and drab.

Keeping your floors clean is a labor intensive job that requires commercial equipment to get the job done well and to get it done fast. It is worth bringing in a commercial cleaning company to maintain your floors on a regular schedule, so that's one job you won't have to worry about. You can train employees to pick up clutter and trash, but when it comes to deep cleaning floors you need the right equipment and someone with experience to do the job right.