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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Getting Your Home Ready To Rent: What You Need The Cleaners To Do

Renting out your current home to make some money is a great investment. You will want to have your home renter-ready as soon as you can. The use of a cleaning service is a great way to make your home spic and span so it is ready for new people to move in and can make your house look fresh and inviting. Before you have the residential home cleaners come over, make a checklist of the things you'd like them to do. Here are some suggestions to help make your home more attractive to renters.

Garage cleaning

If your home has a garage, then you want to have all the cobwebs, insects, and floor stains removed. Let your cleaners know in advance that they will not only be cleaning your home's interior but the garage as well, since they may need special cleaning tools to mop up oil and paint spills and other debris. A clean garage that is free of fumes and debris can be more appealing to potential renters looking for a home with storage space.

Detailed cleaning

You will want the home cleaners to wipe down behind the stove and refrigerator, clean the windowsills, and wash down all the walls. They will need to sweep the ceilings for cobwebs and dust every shelf. Have them deep clean in the bathroom areas so the toilet, shower, and tub all are fresh and free of germs. in the laundry room, you will want to have the home cleaners wipe down around the washer and dryer so lint and the missing sock or two can be removed.

If you are having the home cleaners work around appliances, let them know in advance. They may be willing to clean behind them but not willing to physically move them due to liabilities. You will want to unplug all appliances that are staying with the home that need to be wiped down.

Exterior cleaning

You want the outside of your home to look fresh and new, so have the home cleaners power wash bird feces, stains, insects, and mud off your home. Cleaning out your home's gutters is a great idea as well. This not only gives your home greater appeal on the outside, but it also allows you to repair any roof or gutter damage that is noticed during the cleaning process so your new renters move into a safe and sturdy home.

Before you hire any cleaning service to do the work you need done on your home, let them know of your checklist. Potential cleaners will let you know what they can and cannot do to make your home renter-ready, and in many cases can do all the work you need done with few exceptions.

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