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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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3 Benefits Of Equipping Your Janitors With Carts

If you've recently founded a janitorial service and are starting to buy equipment for your staff to use, one decision that you'll encounter is whether or not to equip your staff with carts. Initially, you may think of some drawbacks of doing so. There's obviously a financial investment in getting carts for everyone on staff, and the logistics of traveling with large carts may sometimes be an issue. However, the more that you think about carts versus no carts, you'll hopefully begin to side with buying carts. Here are three benefits of making this investment for your janitorial service.

1. Less Strenuous

While it's true that janitors may be able to carry their gear around with them, there's no doubt that using a cart will make each shift less strenuous for your employees. Being able to load up the cart with all of the necessary supplies and wheel it throughout the building while working makes the job easier for your staff. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons. For starters, you don't want the job to be so arduous that your staff are quitting frequently, as may have trouble handling your clients' workload while you're short-staffed. Additionally, there may be less of a risk of an employee getting injured on the job if he or she isn't having to carry heavy and awkward equipment each shift.

2. Better Time Management

Janitors who have carts can often get the job done quicker than those who cannot. For example, if a janitor has a significant amount of equipment to use for each job, he or she may need to make multiple trips from the janitor room in a building to where he or she is working, and this can waste time. With a cart, the janitor can simply make one trip from one spot to another, knowing that he or she has all of the necessary equipment to get the job done.

3. More Visibility

When your janitors have carts, their presence instantly becomes more visible for people who are in the building. Someone who is rushing around a corner without watching for hazards could slip on a wet floor, even if it's marked, or even bump into the janitor who may be working with his or her back turned. When you train your janitors to park their carts at blind corners, people using the building will have an advance warning that a janitor is in the area, and this can prevent the above issues.

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