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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

Hello everyone. Welcome to my site. I’m Emmett. I am here to explain the value of hiring cleaning services for your home or office space. Cleaning services can provide you with the support you need to move onto more important tasks in your realm. You may need to devote your time and attention to raising your family, completing work assignments or cultivating your garden space instead of spending all day cleaning. By hiring a cleaning service, you free yourself up for the tasks you want to tackle. I hope you will visit my site to learn about this vital benefit and more. Thanks for visiting.

Do You Need Cleaning Services Or Disinfecting Services For Your Business?

While the words cleaning and disinfecting are sometimes used synonymously, they are different services. While cleaning reduces grime and the number of germs that are present, disinfecting kills germs. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you already have cleaning services, but are considering commercial disinfection services as well.

Are Your Employees Coming into Contact with Customers?

If you only have a few workers that are mainly in isolated cubicles working behind computers, then you may not need disinfecting services since people are distanced and can maintain their own work spaces.

However, if you have a larger office and/or your employees are coming into contact with the general public, then you should really consider contacting disinfecting services. You don't want to wait; with the rise of Covid-19, help-wanted ads for disinfecting services are expected to rise by 75%. You want to keep your employees safe and establish trust with your customers that your business is safe.

Does Your Industry in General Need a Lot of Sick Days?

Obviously, people in the medical field will need disinfecting services in their environments since they are dealing with patients who could be infected. However, some sectors, like education, transportation, and service/hospitality, have higher incidences of people taking sick days. Some employees may have unreliable salaries, so even if they are sick, they may feel obligated to come to work.

If your industry has a higher-than-average rate of people taking sick days or your employees feel stressed about missing days when they are sick, it would be beneficial to hire disinfecting services. Keeping your business clean can keep your employees healthy and improve productivity by reducing the need for sick days.

Does Your Workplace Need Deep Cleaning for High-Touch Surfaces?

Some workplaces only need light disinfecting, while others may need deep disinfecting due to the buildup of germs. Workplaces with lots of high-touch surfaces, or areas that come into contact with multiple people each day, need more cleaning. High-touch areas include things like:

  • doorknobs

  • light switches

  • countertops

  • conference room tables

  • phones

  • faucets

  • sinks

Again, if your business is smaller and employees mainly work on their own tasks, you may be able to get by without disinfecting services and only need cleaning. However, if your employees need to consult one another frequently, then there's a risk of germ propagation on high-touch surface areas. While you and your employees may be able to do light disinfecting yourselves, deep cleaning requires the use of strong chemicals that could irritate your skin or eyes. It's best to leave this type of deep cleaning to professionals since they understand the products and have the right gear to protect themselves when cleaning.

Reach out to a disinfecting service in your area for more information.