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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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2 Misconceptions You May Have About Detecting Mold Growth In Your House

When you own a house, one of your concerns may be that areas within it have mold present. Not only do the spores cause respiratory issues in family members with allergies and asthma, but they can also cause structural damage by keeping wood and other materials perpetually wet.

While you may be concerned about mold growth, you may believe that your home is free from it because you cannot see or smell it. Below is the truth about a couple of misconceptions that you may have about detecting it in your house that may prevent you from testing for the presence of mold.

1. Absence of a Musty Odor Means There Is No Mold Present in Your Home

One misconception that you may have about mold growth in your house is that the absence of an odor means that it is not present. Since mold is often associated with a musty odor, you may think that the lack of such an odor means that there is no mold in your house.

However, mold only lets off a smell when it is actively feeding on whatever material on which it is growing. If the mold is during a rest period, it will not smell. However, having a professional test for the presence of spores will let you know whether or not it is present, resting or not.

2. Mold Only Grows in a House That Has Flooded or Has Leaking Pipes

Another thing that you may believe about mold is that it will only grow in a house that has flooded or has leaking pipes. When these conditions are present to create extra moisture in dark areas, there is a very high likelihood that mold will grow.

However, other factors can also increase moisture in areas in your house that remain dark and enclosed, such as high humidity levels. A professional with the knowledge of where to look and the proper equipment can know for sure whether the growth is present in these areas or not.

While a water-damaged home with a musty odor will most likely have mold growing somewhere inside of it, it is still possible to have mold present inside your house. Even if you cannot see or smell it, there could still be mold growth that is not easily found by you or other members of your household. If you suspect that it is in your house, contact a company that offers mold inspection and testing services to have a professional confirm its presence so that you make plans accordingly to deal with it.

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