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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Benefits of a Mold Inspection for Residential Mold Removal

Mold is not always something you see right away. In fact, mold can hide along the bottom of bathroom walls, in basements, and even behind clothing in closets. Some homeowners may not realize they have a mold issue until after a storm or event causing severe water damage. If this is the case with your home, you may realize the removal is far too large for you to handle. Here are some of the reasons you should contact a mold removal service for a residential mold inspection. 

Moisture Mapping

Moisture mapping is a way for your mold removal contractor to determine where the likely spots of mold may be. This is ideal if you are unsure how far the mold has spread or if there are multiple areas of mold. Keep in mind, your home should have a stable moisture level in each room. Severe fluctuations, such as trapped humidity in the bathroom or basement, can change that stable moisture level. By following the changing levels of moisture, the contractor can locate all the mold and determine how extensive it is. 

Type of Mold

All mold is not created equal. There are several types of mold depending on various factors. Certain moisture levels and temperatures can help develop mold that is easy to remove. However, those conditions can also create something like black mold. By using a mold removal company that offers mold inspection, you can ensure you know what you are dealing with. This step also helps the contractor to know if self-removal is possible, if special equipment is necessary, or if special removal processes are necessary. This information can directly affect the next steps for removal. 

Removal Plan

With moisture mapping, temperature mapping, and using equipment to determine the type of mold, a removal plan is developed. Your contractor will look at not only the inspection results, but they'll also look at how to prevent these issues in the future. They may discuss sealing rooms like basements to help reduce water or humidity. They may also discuss creating airflow in the rooms or ensuring a stable temperature in the rooms. These suggestions will help you reduce the chances of your mold infestation happening again. 

If you realize your residential mold removal is too large for you to handle, the next step is a mold inspection. Contact your local residential mold removal company. They can schedule a time for the inspection and a time to discuss the findings of the inspection with you. They can also discuss your removal options and how they can help with the overall removal and remediation of the mold.