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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Commercial Cleaning: Prepare Your Building For Flu Season

If most of your employees call out sick during flu season, take steps to clean your building now. Flu season is one of the most difficult times of the year. Not only can the flu and other cold season illnesses make your workers sick, but they can also affect your yearly earnings. Learn how you can clean and prepare your building before flu season arrives below.

What Should You Know About Flu Season?

Although you can get the flu any day of the year, flu season generally begins in October and ends sometime in late May. Most people become ill during December and February. Once a flu virus, or influenza, enters your building, it can spread from one employee to the next without warning.

The viruses that cause influenza tend to change from year to year. Some of your employees may receive annual influenza shots to keep their immune systems safe during each flu season. However, employees who don't receive annual flu shots may become sick and inadvertently spread the virus to other workers in your building, including the workers who already received their annual flu shots.

You may not be able to convince everyone in your building to obtain flu shots each year. However, you can reduce the spread of influenza by cleaning and preparing your building for flu season.

How Do You Clean and Prepare Your Entire Building?

First, contact a commercial cleaning company or contractor and request an assessment of your building. The assessment helps locate the places in your building that contain the most germs and viruses, such as your public and employee restrooms. The knobs and handles on your doors may also be contaminated by germs and viruses. After a commercial cleaning company or contractor assesses your building, they'll establish a cleaning schedule for you. 

You may want to schedule all of your cleanings late at night or right after your building closes for the day. You don't want your cleanings to conflict with your daily operations during the week.

You can also choose to have your building deep-cleaned on the weekends. A deep cleaning allows a company or contractor to disinfect and sanitize your entire building all at once. If your employees still become sick with the flu, you can always change your cleaning schedule to accommodate the needs of your staff.

For more details about cleaning your building before or during flu season, contact a commercial cleaning company, such as ACS Cleaning Services.