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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Questions About Having Your Antique Rugs Cleaned

Years ago, rugs were often seen not just as a protective piece for your floor, but also as a work of art. As such, many antique rugs are very detailed and attractive. This is something to keep in mind when you have an antique rug cleaned. In order to prevent damage and make sure the rug survives the cleaning process intact, it is generally best to hire a professional cleaning service. Here are some common questions prospective customers often have about that process.

Will the service come to your home?

There are some rug cleaning companies that will come to your home, but in most cases, the company will take the rug and clean it at an off-site location. They generally have specialized equipment, such as hooks and rollers, that is easiest to set up in their own, dedicated space. Most services will pick your rugs up to ensure they are transported properly. They'll then make an appointment to drop the rugs back off to you when you're home and available to inspect them.

Will stains be removed?

Yes. In most cases, professional rug cleaners are able to remove stains from antique rugs. They usually do so with special stain-removing agents, a small brush, and lots of patience. If they are not able to remove the stain completely, it should at least be far less obvious when you get the rug back.

Can they remove odors?

It's not uncommon for older, antique rugs to smell musty or stinky. After all, people wipe their feet on rugs, and they catch lots of crumbs and pet dander over the years. A professional rug cleaning service should leave your antique rug smelling much better. They will use high-powered vacuums to suck up all debris, which as smelly mold spores and pet dander, and their cleaning process also removes any stinky skin oils on the rug.

What if your rug is damaged?

Cleaning companies that specialize in antique rug cleaning rarely damage their rugs. However, in case this does occur, most offer some sort of insurance or guarantee. For example, they may reimburse you for a rug up to $2000 in value if it is damaged. Contact the company you plan to hire for their exact guarantee terms and policies.

With these questions answered, you should be better prepared to have your antique rugs cleaned. You'll love the way they look and smell after this service.

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