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Talking About Cleaning Service Benefits

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Why Should You Use A Professional Rug Cleaning Service To Remove Lingering Pet Urine Odors From An Area Rug?

If your dog or cat had a bathroom accident on your area rug, it's important to clean it up as soon as possible. Dogs and cats have highly acidic urine that can break down the rug fibers along with the dye that gives your rug its color. Pet urine can also soak deep into the rug and dry there, causing odors that linger even after the surface stain has gone away.

When you're cleaning pet urine odors out of a rug, it's best to call a professional rug cleaning service instead of trying to get rid of the odors on your own. To learn why professional rug cleaning is the best choice for eliminating pet urine odors from an area rug, read on.

You May Damage Your Rug Trying to Get Rid of the Odor

One of the biggest risks of cleaning your area rug yourself is that you may accidentally discolor it or damage the fibers. Vinegar, for example, is commonly touted as a way to remove pet odors from surfaces. However, it's an acid, and it can eat away at the fibers on the rug. Acidic substances can also cause the dye in the rug to fade or change colors. If you want to avoid damaging your area rug, you should have it cleaned by professionals instead of trying to remove the urine odor from your rug yourself.

You Can't Address Urine Odor Trapped Deep in the Fibers Without Professional Cleaning

Pet urine will soak deeply into the rug fibers, and it will eventually dry out. It can be very difficult to get deep odors out of an area rug on your own since the dried urine is deep within the fibers. Spraying enzymatic cleaner onto the rug can break down the dried urine on the rug's surface, but it often won't reach the dried urine that's trapped underneath. Spraying an excessive amount of cleaner onto the rug to try to flush the dried urine out can damage it, as all of the moisture can lead to mold growing on it.

Professional Rug Cleaning Fully Removes all the Dried Urine From the Fibers

A professional rug cleaning service can address the dried urine that's trapped in the center of your rug. Professional rug cleaning services use pressurized water to remove all of the dried urine deep within the fibers, flushing it out and eliminating it entirely. Afterwards, a professional rug cleaning service will use a vacuum to remove the vast majority of the water from the rug, drying it out and stopping mold from growing on it.

Overall, a professional rug cleaning service is the best solution for removing pet urine odors from your rug because they're able to flush out all the dried urine with water, eliminating it entirely. Water won't harm the fibers or the dye used to give them color, making it a safer alternative than DIY cleaning products. If your area rug has pet urine odors coming from it, call a professional rug cleaning service in your area and have it deeply cleaned to get rid of them.

For more information on professional rug cleaning, contact a professional near you.